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18-Mai-2014 5-Sep-2022

EnerGConsulting retained for the commissioning, testing and marketing of a 3000 HP drilling rig in Houston, TX.

Execution of Etelaf Restructuring plan. 11-Sep-2012

EnerGConsulting retained to execute the restructuring plan for Etelaf Almushtarika Co. in Libya. MD to assume the role of Etelaf CEO.



Our services

Our services generate value for our clients by supporting their efforts to achieve superior business results. We design fit-for-purpose, best in class solutions and accompany our customers in implementation phases when and if needed.

Our services can be segmented into:


  • E&P
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Renewable Energies


1 - E&P


We cover a wide range of the E&P value chain by providing technical and management consulting services.


Regarding technical services,  we provide support for subsurface studies and technical personnel on an ad-hoc basis depending on clients’ operational requirements.

Our technical teams include G&G staff, field supervisors, field operations and project management support and can provide personalised training for your field personnel and accompany their training with “on-the-job” supervision until targeted competency levels are achieved while paying attention to change management in the work environment.


Regarding management services, we help organizations design effective Knowledge Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and build successful strategies to attract and develop their national content.

We also design tailored solutions to manage legal instruments, such as PSAs and JOAs, and support supply chain, marketing and operations management efforts.



 2 - Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Following the recent Gulf of Mexico deep water well blow out and the consequences on the operator, the E&P industry, the insurance business and HSE&Q professionals are reconsidering the way they conduct operations, assess and quantify associated risks.

We can assist to :

  • Design and review HSE&Q related policies
  • Perform independent audits
  • Supervise operations on behalf of stakeholders to ensure adherence to SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Develop customized models to quantify risk exposure and minimize Liabilities

3- Renewable Energies

Whether you are a governmental entity, a leading industry player or a SME (Small and medium enterprises),
we can help to :

  • perform a strategic planning of your electricity demand
  • define a generation mix that maximizes your assets
  • design a scheme which takes full advantage of Carbon Credits mechanisms

Also, based on the ecosystem in which you operate, we can :

  • Accompany you define your future needs, e.g. 5 and 10 years projections
  • Prepare tenders
  • Perform bid valuation
  • Assist in the selection

We can also help in legal instruments such as Power Purchase Agreements and Build Operate and Transfer agreements.

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