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18-Mai-2014 5-Sep-2022

EnerGConsulting retained for the commissioning, testing and marketing of a 3000 HP drilling rig in Houston, TX.

Execution of Etelaf Restructuring plan. 11-Sep-2012

EnerGConsulting retained to execute the restructuring plan for Etelaf Almushtarika Co. in Libya. MD to assume the role of Etelaf CEO.


EnerGConsulting ® is a boutique energy consulting firm providing technical and management consulting services for the energy industry in Brazil, the Middle East and West Africa, some of the World’s most active regions.

Our expertise comprises a wide range of the energy value chain including operations, HSE&Q, marketing, valuation, business process design & implementation, and strategy.

EnerGConsulting ® is unique in that it leverages existing resources within clients’ organisations and facilitates the transfer of capabilities. We offer our clients focused yet flexible boutique consulting services. By tapping into customers’ assets in priority order, our interactions with clients are optimized, thus generating greater value. For more details, see examples in our Case Studies.

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